Planning Applications

Planning applications made stress free

Please let Advance Payless of Lincoln take the hassle and stress out of your next building project large or small by taking advantage of the benefits of our unique service

Planning applications via Advanced Payless Drawings

Planning permission is required from your local authority before any major building work or alterations are carried out. 

We understand all of the stress that can come from the planning and building regulation applications. From the start to finish we will offer the payless fee and expert service/advice so please let Advance Payless Drawings complete the drawings and forms for your submission and do consider any changes you or the council require are made free of further charge once the initial invoice is settled in good time.

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Planning applications
 Planning application process

Planning application process

A planning application should contain all the existing and proposed drawings of the building/home including floor plans, elevations and site/block plans. If required a detailed design and access statement will need to be completed and submitted. Other important documents will be required by Advance Payless Drawings, when appointed including location plan (From Land Registry documents) from which after taking actual site dimensions to the boundary, Advance Payless prepare the site/block plan. Simultaneously with completing the planning submission drawings the approved documents building regulations section, specifications and detail drawings are also completed to avoid delay in future.
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Trust Advance Payless Drawings of Lincoln to handle the entire planning application process on your behalf, contact us today on
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